Our Offered Services to you

Mechanical designs

We do customised plant and machine design and prototyping to meet all your specifications and requirements.
 3D Model drawings using CAD software.
 Complete Assembly drawings with Bill of Materials (BOM’s) and assembly instructions.
 Selecting best materials and processes.
 Designs with CNC Machining in mind for production runs.

Electrical & Electronic designs

We design and modify a range of electrical devices including generators, electric motors, high voltage engineering, power electronics and circuit development.
 Create quality technical plans and circuit drawings.
 Ensure drawings are compliant with industry health and safety standards.
 Calculate costs and do feasibility studies.
 Produce manufacturing documentation and installation instructions.

Plant installation and Maintenance

Hoodkop Engineering offers maintenance technicians to meet preventative maintenance needs, new plant installations and emergence repairs.
 Piping- stainless, carbon steel, copper, aluminum.
 Steel fabrication-Platforms, handrails, conveyor systems, hoppers, bins and racks.
 Pumps and valves- rebuild and new installations.
 Shutdown services- hired labor to do all electrical, mechanical and civil maintenance work.

Condition Monitoring

We integrate prediction and protection technologies to your rotating equipment for improving reliability in the plant. Our system can reduce scheduled and unscheduled downtime, driving down maintenance costs and increasing safety and plant availability.
 Critical vibration analysis.
 Laser Alignment and balancing.
 API system integration.
 Oil sampling and recommendation.

Computer Systems and Telecoms

Our Data Centre department provides diverse computer system services to meet the client’s needs.
Services include but not limited to;
 Systems and Software development- banking systems, websites, mobile applications etc.
 Networking- both internet and telephone installations and configurations.
 Supply and delivery of desktop and laptop computers.
 Computer hardware maintenance. .

Consultancy and advisory services

We work with clients to define solutions to problems, help determine and recommend the best course of action for a given initiative.
 Process Development-help to improve customer satisfaction.
 Industrial-factory layout, lean manufacturing, process control, production flow and safety analysis.
 Finance/labor- feasibility analysis, cost analysis.
 Software/IT- Database design, data mining, networking and web development

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